Mt. Ayaas

One of the beginner hiking destinations is Mt. Ayaas located in Rodriguez, Rizal. It is classified with a difficulty level of 3/9 which just means its trail is fairly easy and in good condition. Its proximity is just an hour or so from the Metro which qualifies it for those hikers conquering mountains every now and then. A perfect day hike only requires 4 to 5 hours back and forth. This specific mountain is close to our hearts since this is the very  first mountain we hiked together.

60% of the trail is open with not much trees or shades so we suggest you to wear garments that can cover  your whole body and protect your skin. Otherwise, you get sunburns.


Beyond this fence is a defined trail surrounded by tall grass with just about 10-min hike up to the summit.


The view from the summit gives you a 360 degrees panoramic beauty of the grassland and mountain ranges. As much as we would like to stay at the summit, we could not as it does not have any shades at all.


We decided to do the traversed trail so we could pass by the waterfall and cool ourselves down from the stinging heat.

How to get there:

We went there using our private vehicles. There is a vacant lot near the barangay office where 3 to 4 cars can park.The parking cost for the whole day would be P50. If you are planning to go there through public transportation, here is a sample computation if you are coming from Cubao:

  • Farmersm Cubao to Rodriguez, Rizal (Cost: P50 – UV Express)
  • Barangay San Isidro to Barangay Mascap (Cost:P150 for a private Tricycle ride)

Essentials Tips:

  1. Wear light clothes, preferably those to cover body as it gets really hot
  2. Pack lunch and trail snacks
  3. Bring at least 2L of water to stay hydrated.