Scuba Diving in Anilao

Batangas is known as one of the diving spots in the Philippines. So when we found Dive Master Jun at a travel page, we immediately inquired his scuba diving lesson. His intro to diving rate costs 1800php.  The package includes the entrance fee, wet suit rental, lecture, gears and dive itself. Notice it is a lot cheaper than other rates since this is a shore dive and does not require boat rental. They are a group of licensed CMAS divers who decided to share their hobby to those wanting to try diving or obtain diving certification.

The whole session only lasted about 3 hours. The session starts with diving lecture then comes the practical test in the shore and finally the diving itself. The maximum depth allowed for beginners is 40-ft. You will have your diving buddy along your side so you do not have to worry if anything does not go well. It is important to stay calm when you are underwater to conserve oxygen. As you dive deep, you tend to feel the pressure building up in your eardrum so it is vital to equalize. Communicate through sign language, tell your buddy if anything is not okay.  Once you’re comfortable, just enjoy the experience.


We got to see fishes and lucky enough, we got to see turtle too!


Contact Dive Master Jun at 09420708777 or find him in facebook Jun Tarun Jr.