Mt. Batolusong

Mount Batulosong is a very well known mountain in Tanay, Rizal. It is rated as 3/9 difficulty with mostly flat ground and a little assault which is recommended for beginners. The entire hike can actually last half a day. What’s special about Mount Batulosong is the chance to get to see “soc” or the sea of clouds. The only challenge is for you to start your hike very early; say be at the jump off at 5am so there’s higher chance to see the lovely sea of clouds. 


After half an hour or so, you should reach the first rock formation on the trail. Here, you can definitely take instragram-worthy photos.


Before going to the last assault going to the summit, you’ll reach a flat field where you can set up a camp which is a perfect location to have a break. This is where we had our breakfast before we hike the summit.


View from the summit

How to get there:

We went there using our private vehicles but if you are planning to go there through public transportation, here is a sample computation if you are coming from Cubao:

  • Cubao to Cogeo, Antipolo (Cost: P25 – Jeep)
  • Cogeo City Mall to Barangay Sampaloc (Cost:P40)
  • Tricycle ride to Batulusong Jump Off (Cost:P50)

Essentials Tips:

  1. Pack light. Just bring the essentials.
  2. We highly recommend to set up a camp along the flat fields before the summit. You can have your breakfast/lunch there.
  3. Bring your hiking hat since most part of the trail has no shade.