Eastern Bohol Adventure

Bohol is popular for the famous Chocolate Hills and tarsier but unbeknownst to people, there are a lot more jewels that can be found in Bohol. So for the second time around, we went beyond the usual itinerary and went for the eastern most part of the island, in the towns of Candijay and Anda. Tucked in the hidden forests of Bohol lies the rice terraces and highest waterfall of Bohol, teal colored water cold spring, enchanting underground cave pool and white sand beach.


Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

About 25-minute ride from the highway, you will reach the Cadapdapan rice terraces in Candijay. Yes, even Bohol has its own version of Banaue rice terraces. Although not as massive in terms of size, this one is certainly a sight to behold. Entrance is 40php per person.


Can-Umantad Falls

Just below the Cadapdapan rice terraces is a path that leads you to Can-Umantad Falls. After 500-step stairway down, a stunning 60-ft Can-Umantad falls greeted us. It is one of the most picturesque waterfalls we have ever seen.  Locals claimed it as the highest waterfall not just in the area but in the whole Bohol island.


And if the height of this stunner wowed you, that is also how high and grueling it took us to hike up on our way back. Yikes! The view was all worth it nevertheless.


View of the Can-Umantad falls on our way to Canawa Cold Spring.


Canawa Cold Spring

It took us 20-min ride to get here from Cadapdapan rice terraces. Entrance fee is 20php per person. Its water source is still unknown and local folks said no one has ever reached its bottom yet which is cryptic.


Cabagnow Cave Pool

It’s a 1-hr travel time from Canawa Cold Spring. Cabagnow cave pool is just one of the most stunning underground cave pool around Anda. Entrance fee is 50php per person. It seems like a normal hole from above but once you take a peek what it is down there, you know it’s hiding an enchanting pool. A beautiful blue green hue shimmers as sunrays beam on the water. It has an estimated depth of 20-25-feet enough to cliff dive and enjoy the crystal clear water.


Anda Beach

Anda, Bohol is also known for its long white sand beach commonly known as Quinale beach. If you don’t have a service motorcycle, it will be hard to hail one from the cave pool, so we didn’t have a choice but to take that 20-min walk to the beach. As we reached the shore, we were pleasantly surprised as to how fine and white the sand is. In fact, we have all agreed it’s comparable to that of Boracay. This public beach stretches to about 2-km in length. There are also a number of resorts and restaurants¬† along the shore so you won’t have to worry where to stay or eat.


Public buses usually pass by this area of town but there’s no definite time so you just need to leave the beach as early as say 4pm for the last trip. We actually waited for more or less an hour to catch the bus, but we had no choice since we wouldn’t want to miss that last one back to Tagbilaran. Fare was 95 php.


How to get there:

  1. From Tagbilaran, hop in a van going to Candijay; Just tell the driver to drop you off in Candijay town. This will take you 2 hours away from Tagbilaran. Fare is 100php.
  2. As you alight the van, there are habal-habals awaiting for tourists so just haggle as much as you can. We managed to bargain 2 habal-habals to drive us to Cadapdapan rice terraces, Can-Umantad falls, Canawa cold spring and Cabagnow cave pool for 1,000php for the 3 persons.


Sample itinerary:

Expenses Cost for sharing per pax
Tric to van terminal (10 min) 10
Food 350
Van to Candijay (2hrs) 100
Motor around Cadapdapan rice terraces, Can-Umantad falls (25min from town), Canawa Cold Spring (20min from cadapdapan)and Cabagnow Cave pool (1hr from canawa spring) 1,000 333
Cadapdapan and CanUmantad entrance fee 40
Canawa Cold Spring entrance fee 20
Cabagnow cave pool entrance fee 50
Cabagnow to Quinale Beach by walking (20min)
Bus fare from Quinale Beach to Tagbilaran (2.5hrs) 95
Total Cost   998