5D5N South Cebu, Bantayan Island and Eastern Bohol

For 5days and 5nights, we managed to visit:

South Cebu

  • Moalboal for  snorkeling in Pescador Island, chasing turtle in Turtle Island and chasing sardines in Panagsama shore
  • Badian for canyoneering and Kawasan Falls
  • Oslob for whale shark interaction and Oslob Cuartel Ruins

North Cebu, Bantayan Island

  • Skydiving
  • Ogtong Cave Pool
  • Ruins

Eastern Bohol

  • Cadapdapan rice terracess, Candijay
  • Can-Umantad Falls, Candijay
  • Canawa Cold Spring, Candijay
  • Cabagnow Cave Pool, Anda
  • Quinale Beach, Anda


Day 1: Arrival in Cebu Mactan Airport

Since we arrived Cebu past 8pm, we didn’t really have much time to go anywhere else but to check the popular 10,000 Roses in Cordova. Raymund, my friend tour guide, then fetched us at a hotel in downtown Cebu and went to Moalboal together.


Day 2: Moalboal and Badian

Came day 2 when we started our activities. It was a full day of water adventure: snorkeling, chasing turtles and sardines, whale shark interaction and more. Catch our adventure in this link.


Day 3: Oslob and travel to Bantayan Island

Our third day was crazy hectic for us. We started very early to travel from Moalboal to Oslob for the whale shark then proceed to Oslob Cuartel to visit the ruins. All of these activities for only half the day because we needed the whole afternoon to travel from south Cebu all the way up to the north and across to Bantayan Island.

Our travel proved to be like an amazing race. We underestimated the travel time and overlooked the traffic ahead of us. Thus we came half an hour late and we were left by the last bus going to Hagnaya Port. So we tried to use the Grab App and to our surprise, someone accepted us from Cebu City to Hagnaya Port as our destination (3-hr travel). Haha. It turned out the driver didn’t know the destination and simply accepted. To be fair for both ends, we contracted him like a private car which costed us a fortune (880php via grab vs. 165php via bus for each person) but we were left with no choice since we needed to be in Bantayan that same night. Oh well! The amazing race continue as we travel to Hagnaya Port because the last trip of the ferry going to Bantayan Island is at 5pm(based from net research). Imagine our anxiety to reach the port on time since we cannot afford any form of delays. We also constantly reminded our driver to go a little faster every now and then. To tell you, we almost snatched the driver’s seat because our driver drove like he had all the time in the world. Haha.  As we came near the port and we got ready to sprint like Usain Bolt, the port guard told us the ferry was under maintenance! We almost lost it right there! Whew. Fortunately, fate did not let us down. An outrigger boat was offered to stranded passengers. Alas, off to Bantayan! We even met a spontaneous new friend Brian who decided to tag along with us on our next day adventure.


Day 4: Bantayan Island and travel to Tagbilaran

Birthday celebration literally on high! Check out our short Bantayan adventure and skydiving here. One day is not enough so better spend at least 2 days to explore this island in its entirety.

Right after our skydving and still on high, we proceeded to Santa Fe and across to Hagnaya port because our amazing race still continued. Left with half of the day, we needed to travel from North Cebu back to Cebu City pier, board a ferry going to Tubigon,Bohol, then transfer to a van going to Tagbilaran. All of these in Day 4, exhausting right! Yeah, we know. Haha. (Note that we chose Tubigon instead of Tagbilaran directly since it is waaaay cheaper by 550php).


Day 5: Eastern Bohol

Our last day was allotted to uncover the hidden gems of Eastern Bohol. Check out our nature adventure in this link.



Here’s our itinerary and expenses:

Expenses Shared cost Per pax
Airfare Mnl-Cebu and Bohol-Mnl 1,172.92
Day 1
Uber fare Mactan airport to Cordova, Cebu for the 10,000Roses (40min) 300 100
10,000 Roses entrance fee 20
Habal-habal from 10,000roses to highway (6min) 20
Uber from Cordova to Cebu City (1 hr) 354 118
Travel from Cebu City to Moalboal(c/o Raymund) (3hrs)
Day 2
Pescador Island, Turtle Island and Sardine Run, Canyoneering and Kawasan Falls 1,800
Lunch 43
Overnight at Moalboal (c/o Raymund)
Day 3
Travel from Moalboal to Oslob(c/o Raymund) (1.5hrs)
Whale Shark orientation and interaction 500
Breakfast and shower at La Terrase 260
Travel from Oslob whale shark to Cuartel Ruins (15min by tricycle) 100 33
Travel from Cuartel Ruins to South Bus terminal (3.5hrs) 165
Uber from South to North Bus Terminal in Cebu City (20min) 120 40
Grab from North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya Port (3hrs) 2,635 880
Travel from Hagnaya Port to Bantayan Island (1.5hrs) 300
porter 50
Dinner at Coucou 830 277
Overnight at Adelaida Pensionne Hotel 1400 470
Tric from Adelaida Hotel to the ruins and Ogtong cave 100 33
Day 4
Ogtong cave fee 100
SKYDIVE (originally cost 18,000php) 12,000
Airport Fee 30
Lunch at the port 75
Ferry from Bantayan to Hagnaya port (1.5hrs) 170
Terminal fee 10
Taxi from Hagnaya port to Cebu Pier (3hrs) 1,500 500
Ferry from Cebu pier to Tubigon pier (1hr) 250
Van from Tubigon pier to Marcelina’s Guesthouse, Tagbilaran (1hr) 100
Food 66
Overnight at Marcelinas Hotel 1,200 400
Tric to van terminal (10 min) 10
Day 5
Food 350
Van to Candijay (2hrs) 100
Motor around Cadapdapan rice terraces, Can-Umantad falls (25min from town), Canawa Cold Spring (20min from cadapdapan)and Cabagnow Cave pool (1hr from canawa spring) 1,000 333
Cadapdapan and CanUmantad entrance fee 40
Canawa Cold Spring entrance fee 20
Cabagnow cave pool entrance fee 50
Cabagnow to Quinale Beach by walking (20min)
Bus fare from Quinale Beach to Tagbilaran (2.5hrs) 95
Overnight at Marcelinas Hotel 1,200 400
Day 6
Airport fees 100
Food 200
Grand Total      21,680.92


Essential Tips:

  1. Do not copy our exact itinerary HAHA. Instead, give at least 2 days on each place to enjoy. Use it as reference only lol. It pays a lot of sweat and out-of-pocket cost to cram up all the places at once.
  2. Always give time allowance for any delays.