Lulugayan Falls in Calbiga, Samar

Dubbed as mini Niagara falls of Samar, you would not really want to miss Lulugayan Falls. It is also located in the same town where the biggest cave in the country is, in Calbiga, so might as well visit the falls before or after exploring the underworld.

Our friend Mon drove his 4X4 pickup truck going there but halfway in our route, he decided to just leave his car as the unfinished muddy road proved to be impossible to drive on. We were lucky enough to flag down habal-habals to where we were. The endless green hilly views were pleasing to the eyes despite the uphill and downhill unpaved ride under the scorching heat of the sun.


From the jump-off site, the barangay asks for the permit secured from the municipal hall so be sure to contact someone before hand because they do not allow guests to visit the falls after 3pm. Since our friend is a local folk, we did not have to secure the permit from the municipal hall that can cost 500php per group. A guide is also mandatory that costs 300php good for a maximum of 10pax. If you’re alone, the cost would really hurt your pocket so best if you can go in a group. It is just a short trek with a distance of 740-meter. Cemented blocks lead you to the falls so there’s no way you’ll get lost. Cottages cost 500php each but since we did not stay long, we managed to just hang our things on the side. We also got the place all to ourselves so we did not worry much about it.


For a different view, we also hiked about 5 minutes to the upper tier of the falls. With us is our new friend Monst beside his dog, his cousin Elmer and our guide in orange shirt. You can also take a refreshing dip directly at the cascading falls.


How to get there:

  1. Find your way going to Calbiga. If you’re coming from Tacloban, just ride a van and alight at the town proper of Calbiga. This will take you an hour ride.
  2. Register at the Municipal hall of Calbiga to secure a permit to be shown in Brgy. Literon where the falls can be found. (This permit can be obtained by the guide)
  3. Hire a habal-habal to take you to Brgy. Literon. This will take you an hour of butt-numbing ride.


Where to Stay:

Calbiga is a very small town so there is not much place to stay around except for Lola Rosa Bed & Breakfast, best to call at 09178593741.


Where to Eat:

There is no nearby eatery around. Only sari-sari store that sells chips so it is best to buy from the town center or bring your own food.


Essential Tips:

  1. Best to contact a guide prior to arrival for him to secure a permit to save time.
  2. Best to just hire habal-habal from the town proper as the road going to Brgy. Literon is still unfinished and muddy. Vehicles get stucked through the thick mud and you’ll just wished you had not driven your car.


Here’s a list of sample expenses for Lulugayan Falls:

Expenses Cost for sharing Per pax
Guide 300 100
Habal-Habal 100
Food 27
Total cost  227


Contact Kuya Danny, 0918319158, for RT habal-habal ride from Calbiga town center good for 2persons worth 500php.