Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Mount Gulugod Baboy is located in Mabini, Batangas that is more or less 3-hour drive from Manila. It is classified as level 2/9 difficulty which is an advisable hike for beginners. Note though that there are a number of  assaults(steep climb) so we recommend not to bring lots of things to avoid unnecessary weight. We did a night hike on this mountain and planned to camp overnight to see its beautiful views in the morning. 

Sunrise on the top of the mountain be like…


You can set up your camp on the summit area.


Breakfast of the Champions


Enjoying the view while eating our breakfast



The summit is overlooking Batangas Bay. This town is also popular for scuba diving spots which we highly recommend. Check out our intro to scuba diving in this link.

Contact Globert for guide 09215739964.


How to get there:

We went there using our private vehicles but if you are planning to go there through public transportation, here is a sample computation if you are coming from Cubao/Buendia:

  • Cubao Station/Buendia Station to Batangas (Cost: P160 – Bus)
  • Ride a Jeepney going to Anilao (Cost:P35)
  • Tricycle ride to Gulugod Baboy Registration (Cost:P40)


Essentials Tips:

  1. Pack light. Just bring the essentials.
  2. If you are bringing your own car, we believe there is a road where in you can drive your car near the summit already. It would be a great option if you just want to see the summit.
  3. There are a lot of parking spots along National Road for private vehicles (near registration)