Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great sport that works out your whole body.  It is an exciting yet challenging sport that requires physical strength and mental focus. Rather than the usual indoor thing, we think it is best done and experienced outdoor with nature. So for sporty and nature-lover aficionados, this one is for you. We happened to meet Coach Chito while hiking in Mt. Pamitinan in Montalban, Rizal where they usually organize rock climbing event. We were really interested into trying different sports so we joined them after that. It is in the same jump-off area of Mt. Pamitinan, Mt. Hapunang Banoi and Mt. Binacayan. The rock climbing event is a whole day thing so you cannot actually squeeze in hiking any of those mountains. You can rather visit Wawa Dam instead.


The rock climbing area has level 1 for first timers then proceed with level 2 for slightly difficult route. It seems easy when you take a look at it but we tell you, once you’re the one climbing, this sport is no joke. As you climb up the slab, you decide which ones to put your feet and hands on. Coach and other participants guide you to find that perfect spot to slide your feet into. Just trust your instincts when you already feel you have a good grip, go ahead and make your next move. Just be sure not to dwell much on an area so you won’t get burnout. Otherwise, you’ll realize your body feels heavy since you’re carrying your own weight and you won’t have much energy to climb to the top. The summit goes as high as 40ft with parts that are slightly slanted which makes it a lot more challenging. As you reach the top, you can enjoy the view as much as you like then just tell the belayer that you are ready to rappel down.


You can enjoy the surrounding nature while you wait for your turn. Mt. Pamitinan on the left and Mt. Binacayan on the right.


This rock climbing event costs 900 php that includes climbing gears, guide fee, environmental fee and the climbing lessons. Contact Coach Chito at 09064478113 or 09260890712.